ESCAPING THE SPECTACLE - The potential and funding of fictional VR

Wednesday 1 February IFFR organizes an extencive VR programme: 

The aim of this event is to find sustainable business models for VR x film x storytelling.

When it comes to assessing VR projects it is quite difficult to define the potential. There is no consumer market in place, no serious catalogue of great VR productions and no makers with great VR merit. A lot of questions come up. Is VR - let alone fictional VR - over-hyped or under-financed? What financing models apply for this hybrid art form? Is it an art form, or just another medium? How will these project materialise? Where do the producers find the right funding? What’s a great VR team? What’s a successful experiment?

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Four projects

To address these questions - and more - in depth we have selected 4 VR projects that all are fictional, but differ in size, format, team maturity and are either linear or interactive.

The makers will be present to discuss their projects with industry experts from a wider range including film, gaming, VC, online, mobile and TV. We will kick off the day with a plenary session focused on VR distribution, funding and challenges of creative content joined by industry experts and moderated by Benjamin de Wit, Director of VR Days.

Project 1: Mona by Michel Reilhac

Did you know that when the museums everywhere close their doors at night, the models who stand in as the most famous painted portraits in art history leave their frames and convene in the parallel world of the Salon to socialise and rest?

Project 2: My Only Way Out by Wiebe van den Ende

Levy and Nebi, best friends since childhood, get confronted by Goran, the most dangerous gangster in town. He gives them a deadly ultimatum: they have seven days to come up with 300.000 euro or they and their loved ones will die.

Project 3: The Illuminatus! by Scott McPherson

'The Illuminatus! Trilogy’ subverts the noir conventions of the detective novel to satirise conspiracy theory, secret societies and apocalypse rhetoric, conjuring up a wild, thought-provoking, psychedelic adventure story, best described as the bastard offspring of Dr Strangelove and Yellow Submarine.

Project 4: ADA/M by Barbara Lippe

Pride came before the fall. Three scientists are the last human beings on earth. Eighty meters underground they work for the survival of our species. But something is wrong with one of them... something is wrong with YOU.

  • ESCAPING THE SPECTACLE - The potential and funding of fictional VR
  • ESCAPING THE SPECTACLE - The potential and funding of fictional VR
  • ESCAPING THE SPECTACLE - The potential and funding of fictional VR
  • ESCAPING THE SPECTACLE - The potential and funding of fictional VR

Panels & Speakers

Morning Session VR Days @IFFR2017 - 10:00h to 13:00h: 

Place: De Doelen, Kruisplein 40, (Festival Centre) Van Cappellenzaal - Ground Floor

  • Welcome, introduction by Bero Beyer, Marit van den Elshout and Benjamin de Wit

  • Key: Steye Hallema of

  • Panel : New Creative Dimensions of VR with: Paul Mowbray, Christian Stiegler, Astrid Kahmke and Philipp Maas

  • Key: Arnold Pötsch of Vriends

  • Panel: Financing of Creative VR Content with Leen Segers, Jip Samhoud, Camille Lopato and Thomas Gere

  • Presentation project Mona by Michel Reilhac

  • Presentation project My Only Way Out by Wiebe van den Ende


14:30h to 15.30h: Afternoon session VR Days VR [email protected]

  • presentation project The Illuminatus! by Scott McPherson

  • Presentation Project ADA/M by Barbara Lippe

16.00 - 17.30 Round Tables 

The event is a coproduction of VR Days Europe and CineMart

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