Eleven immersive projects at VR Days

20 October 2020

Still: Mandala, A brief moment in time


Eleven immersive projects at VR Days

20 October 2020

New VR project plans will be presented at the IFM Content market at VR Days, taking place 4, 5 and 6 November. This an opportunity for financing, distribution, and connection to potential partners for content creators, organised in collaboration with IFFR Pro.

We are incredibly proud to present you with this year’s lineup for IFM Content – a diverse set of eleven narratives from around the world exploring themes from imagined utopias to ancient folk tales, internet art culture, interactive documentary, and even a live VR performance from electro pioneer Jean-Michel Jarre.

Four projects will then be invited to the IFFR Pro CineMart, taking place 1 to 5 February 2021, the international co-production market of IFFR that connects creators to industry professionals.

VR IMF Content Project selection

Deusa das Águas 
João Paulo Miranda Maria

Weslei lives in a shantytown on the edge of a paradisiacal dune desert in northern Brazil. For everyone, he's a little boy. But Weslei dreams of a completely different body.

Producers Damien Megherbi and Justin Pechberty

Still: Deusa das Aguas

Josephine Baker AR 
Benjamin Hoguet and Guillaume Deloizon

Dancer, French resistance fighter, defender of civil rights in America, sexually liberated, loved, betrayed and on the stage until her death… This Augmented Reality experience tells Josephine Baker’s extraordinary life in a virtual fresco.

Producer Cedric Bonin and Corine Meijers

A City of Foxes 
Nihaarika Negi

Follow a philosophical fox through his chaotic world where hope sometimes resides in a simple exchange at the bend of an intimate question.

Producer Rémi Large

Still: City of Foxes

Welcome To The Other Side
(a Jean-Michel Jarre New Year Eve’s concert at Notre-Dame in VR)
Antony Vitillo & Vincent Masson (and with music by Jean-Michel Jarre)

From the darkness to the light, a live interactive musical and social XR experience universally accessible from all devices.

Producer Louis Cacciuttolo

Tangible Utopias
Ioana Mischie

Tangible Utopias is an exploratory VR World immersing the viewer as a first person into an Odyssey of future cities as imagined by children around the world.

Producer Sorin Baican

Ali Eslami & Mamali Shafahi

nerd_funk is a chapter-based VR installation of 5 parts which looks at the influence of the internet on our social relations, body and identity.

Producer Siuli Ko

Tokolosh and other behemoth creatures
Kirstin Lee Grey

Follows a South African couple on a frantic search for their missing daughter. on their journey through the neighborhood and an abandoned house near the woods they encounter the strangest character a tokolosh whom they have never seen before.

Producer Kirstin Lee Grey

Still: Tokolosh and Other Behemoth Creatures

Orphée et Eurydice
Robin Coops & Avinash Changa (Libretto - Willem Bruls; Composer - Zbigniew Wolny)

Orphée et Eurydice is a theatrical and VR experience inspired by Christoph Willibald Gluck's opera. A musical total experience reflecting on different perspectives of the mourning process relating to love.

Producer Robin Coops

Still: Orphée et Eurydice

Tales of the March
by Stefano Casertano

VR experience about the “Death Marches”, when the SS forced prisoners to leave concentration camps and walk hundreds of miles towards central Germany in the winter between 1944 and 1945.

Producer Rean Duilio Mazzone

Immersive Criminology Episode 1 - Lost
KAO Yi-Chun

Watching closely a marionette play and interact with characters. A girl is lost, and you will be helping her to find home and learn what happened to her.

Producer Ellen Kuo

MANDALA, A Brief Moment In Time
Thomas Villepoux & Yang Huang

By entering an ancient Buddhist temple, the spectators are offered the opportunity to create altogether a unique bright and colorful mandala, depending on their movements and choices of collaboration.

Producers Eddie Lou and Francois Klein

Still: Mandala, A brief moment in time

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