Edson da Conceicao’s IFFR tips

What are festival insiders, tastemakers and creatives most looking forward to at this edition of IFFR? We asked Rotterdam-based filmmaker Edson da Conceicao, whose Porfotto will screen this year in RTM – the Rotterdam selection of the festival.

Les misérables by Ladj Ly
Ladj Ly’s scintillating debut about the Parisian banlieue he grew up in. Things kick off on a provincial cop’s first day.

Les misérables tells the story of ruthless police officers in a deprived neighbourhood in France. The film shows the tensions between gang members and the police, who act brutally against them. These kinds of stories always stay with me for a long time, both as a filmmaker and as a human being. They often show a harsh reality. By the way, this film received an Oscar nomination! I can’t wait to see it.”

Parasite (B&W Version) by Bong Joon Ho
Inspired by their love of classic cinema, Bong Joon Ho and his cameraman made a black-and-white version of Parasite, the big hit of 2019.

Parasite is such a great film. It grips you from the very first moment and doesn’t let you go. Not only that, but IFFR is screening a special black-and-white version of the film. The director did this before with his previous film Mother. I think this will make for a completely different experience of the film. So even if you’ve seen it before, I’d certainly recommend this new version. It’s also a good excuse to see this great film one more time!”

RTM 2020
A day in LantarenVenster entirely dedicated to Rotterdam, creatives: brand new films (short and long), Rotterdam classics, events, talks, audiovisual experiments, video clips and installations.

“Of course the RTM programme is a must see. This is the third time IFFR has organised this programme. This special festival day puts Rotterdam-based makers in the spotlight. It offers a unique platform to both new and established makers. I guarantee there’s something for everyone here!”

RTM 2020

The spotlight for this, the third edition of RTM, the IFFR Rotterdam selection, will be on icons such as filmmaker Bob Visser and poet Jules Deelder.


Talk: Sex & Power in Visual Language by Nina Menkes
How have directors such as Martin Scorsese, Spike Lee and Sofia Coppola depicted women, and what influence does this have on how we think?

“ABSOLUTELY FASCINATING! Sorry, I just had to let that out. This appeals to me enormously, both as a director and as a male viewer. Using examples from works by Spike Lee, Martin Scorsese and Sofia Coppola, Nina Menkes will reveal the ideas about women that are subconsciously planted in our heads through images. For example, how a woman is presented in terms of the lighting, framing, camera angels and camera movement used. I think this should be taught to all filmmakers – and it’s just as interesting for the viewer.”

Kmêdeus by Nuno Miranda
Intriguing story of a mysterious homeless man called Kmêdeus (EatGod) who lived on the island of São Vicente, Cabo Verde. A lunatic or an artist and a philosopher?

Kmêdeus is a film from Cape Verde that tells the story of a mysterious drifter. It’s a 55-minute documentary that is also a search for the origins of one of the oldest Creole communities in the world. A visually beautiful documentary that I am really curious about.”

Photo in header: Edson da Conceicao © Martijn Vos