Dutch Post-production Awards 2020

07 January 2020

Two film projects to receive Dutch Post-production Awards.

Two HBF-supported projects have been awarded a Dutch Post-production Award and will each receive a prize of €50,000, with an additional €5,000 in kind by a member of the NPA, to be spent on post-production in the Netherlands.

The Dutch Post-production Awards are a collaboration between the Hubert Bals Fund, the Netherlands Film Fund and the Netherlands Post production Alliance. This year, a jury of three professionals have chosen the two winning film projects ahead of the upcoming, 49th edition of IFFR (22 January – 2 February 2020). The projects, both previously supported by the Hubert Bals Fund, will officially receive the awards during the IFFR Pro Awards Ceremony, taking place on Wednesday 29 January 2020.

Winners of the Dutch Post-production Awards 2020

La hija de todas las rabias by Laura Baumeister, Nicaragua/ Mexico/ Netherlands/ Germany/ France. HBF Script & Project Development Bright Future 2018, HBF HBF+Europe: Minority Co-production Support 2019, CineMart BoostNL 2019. Dutch co-producer Halal.

In an endless hazy dump in Nicaragua, eight-year-old Maria struggles through her life being neglected by her mother. When she accidentally kills the newborn puppies about to be sold, she’s left on her own to work and live in a recycling factory as punishment. Maria will learn ways to survive and accept this abandonment, using her strong will and rich imagination.

Ningdu by Lei Lei, Hong Kong/ Netherlands/ USA. HBF Script & Project Development Bright Future 2017, CineMart 2017, NFF+HBF Co-production scheme 2018. Dutch co-producer Submarine.

Caught between semi-gods and mass madness, in a world of propaganda images, surrealist collage and pop-art animation, the LEI family struggle to live through China’s tumultuous political movements of the 1950s and 1960s.




The jury for the Dutch Post-production Awards 2020 consisted of Muayad Alayan, director and producer at Palcine, Palestine; Fernando Epstein, producer and editor at Mutante Cine, Uruguay; and Neeltje van der Heijden, independent post-production supervisor, the Netherlands.

About the winning projects, the jury states: "The Dutch Post-production Awards are given to two newcomer talents arousing from opposite parts of the world with projects that creatively dig into the depths of present and past political struggles within their own specific realities." 


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