Dutch highlights at IFFR 2020

The cinema represented during IFFR spans globally, without overlooking the best of locally produced cinema. 37 outstanding titles with Dutch (co-)productions can be found in the IFFR 2020 programme.

With an abundance of exceptional film being produced in the Netherlands, the upcoming festival programme features 37 feature-length, mid-length and short films, as well as art installations with Dutch (co-)producers. Among these films by Dutch makers, 27 will be world premieres and four titles have been selected for the renowned Tiger Competition: Vincent Boy Kars’ documentary and fiction film experiment Drama GirlArun Karthick’s candid portrait of religion and nationalism in India, NasirJanis Rafa’s enigmatic debut Kala azar and Jorge Thielen Armand’s intense drama La Fortaleza. In addition, three titles have been selected for the Ammodo Tiger Short CompetitionApiyemiyekî? by Ana VazBeer by Erik van Lieshout and Progressive Touch by Michael Portnoy.

Among the titles, many have received support from the Hubert Bals Fund (HBF), which provides funding schemes to remarkable and urgent film projects in various stages of completion. An example of a film that received extensive HBF support is Arun Karthick’s Nasir, which was granted Script and Project Development Bright Future funding in 2017, received the NFF+HBF Co-production scheme and presented at BoostNL in 2018, and was selected for the HBF Dutch Post-production Award 2019. “What fascinates me about IFFR is that it’s not just a platform to show diverse films and filmmakers,” explains Karthick in our IFFR Pro video interview with him, “but it also helps those filmmakers make their next film.”

All Dutch (co-)productions at IFFR 2020




Short films:

Next to the 37 titles above, IFFR features a day-programme dedicated specifically to filmmakers from Rotterdam, called RTM. 

Read more about the full RTM programme here.


Photo in header: Still: Farewell Paradise by Sonja Wyss