Director Wolfson kicks off IFFR 2008

Wolfson kicks off IFFR 2008

IFFR director Rutger Wolfson kicked off the festival by warmly welcoming the audience and introducing the primary theme: ‘For 37 years, the festival has followed filmmakers who energetically and waywardly follow their own course. This year, one focus is on a specific artistic and aesthetic view within this tradition. To label it, we have borrowed a term from chemistry: Free Radicals.

In chemistry, Free Radicals refer to special atoms or molecules that can function as links in processes and catalysts of change. They are often responsible for fierce reactions. In the 37th edition of the IFFR, the Free Radicals are the makers who do not strive for technical perfection in their work, but choose for a rough and ragged quality. They would rather produce and distribute a pure and direct work under their own control, than conform to the straitjacket formats imposed by the industry. Free Radicals is one of the main threads in the festival that links various programme sections together.’

Wolfson continued on to discuss the second theme, related to the question of what the film festival will look like in the 21st century. While the IFFR has posed similar questions in previous editions of the festival. this year there is an emphasis on unique, one-off live events – both in the cinema and outside of it – inviting possible directions to be investigated by this year’s festival. IFFR 2008 takes a closer look at filmmakers and collectives who consider the screening of film as live performance; further, the soundtracks for several films will also be performed live.

‘This edition of the festival – just as in other years – presents a wide variety of visions, opinions, perspectives, questions and trends. … The festival continues to look to the future, and is continually looking for innovation,’ according to Wolfson.