Dialogue with PRO

Debutant Dutch filmmaker Brian den Hartog made full use of the PRO Hub facilities after the world premiere of his Dialogue With Cyberspace (Bright Future Shorts).

"One of the great things is that here as a new filmmaker you can meet four or five mentors who can really introduce you to the field of film and the people attending IFFR, and you have the opportunity to contact those people. They advised me on other festivals that would be interesting for my films, as well as exhibitions."

In the film, Den Hartog asks if the world just a place where our bodies live? What is it like to have a body and how is it related to what we feel? While trying to navigate through a new virtual existence, a digital entity starts to admire the human capacity to perceive.

"The film is told from the perspective of our shadow that we leave behind in the digital space. I have this big fascination for what technology means for our perception of self and in this film in particular I researched how evolution influences the experience of our body and how the virtualisation of the world and the world around us influences our emotional spectrum. It is a very metaphorical film in which you see how the human body virtualises."

"I hope to start on features to bring more complex ideas into my films, and also I am beginning to work in an interdisciplinary way with theatre directors and performing artists," he continued. "I think it is really interesting within film to explore the status of reality but I don’t believe in the separation between fiction and documentary." This explains his choice of IFFR to premiere his film. "I do not believe in documentary festivals where only documentaries can be shown."

"There are a lot of other ideas that I have but I am continuing with this theme for my next film, which will focus more on what our fantasy of the future means for how we identify ourselves," he concluded.

Photo in header: Brian den Hartog at the IFFR PRO Hub