Critics' Choice V: Tara Judah & Peter Walsh

As part of Critics’ Choice, the screening of The Mythory of the Kelly Gang Sat 26 Jan, 12:00 will be preceded by a video essay by Tara Judah & Peter Walsh.

Note(s) on Absence

“We can conceive of absence precisely because we understand presence: the two are relational. What's most intrigues us about their dynamic is their interplay of power and how this constantly shifts over time. Looking back into cinema history is an important exercise in better understanding our roles as curators and critics, and also serves as an important reminder that critical work is never 'done'. To rediscover, reimagine and redress is an invitation and a portal, one that takes us from what we have to what might be. The possibilities that lie therein bring us full circle, having hurtled through the future back to our grounded and present selves.”

Tara Judah is an Australian film critic based in the UK, and Cinema Producer at Bristol's Watershed. Tara writes for Senses of Cinema, Sight & Sound online and Desist Film.

Dr Peter Walsh is a film historian and researcher specialised in early and silent cinema. Peter is co-founder and co-director of South West Silents in Bristol and Subtitles Co-ordinator for online streaming service MUBI. Together, Judah and Walsh enjoy researching and reimagining film history.

Photo in header: Tara Judah © Jon Aitken