Critics' Choice V: Luís Azevedo

24 January 2019

Lu's Azevedo's note(s) on Absence

As part of Critics’ Choice, the screening of In My Room on Thu 31 Jan, 17:45 will be preceded by a video essay by Luís Azevedo.

Note(s) on Absence

When I think of Jacques Rivette's endlessly quoted aphorism, that every film is a documentary of its own making, I can't help but wonder what would happen if more filmmakers took the Frenchman literally. Is Hearts of Darkness superior to Apocalypse Now, is Burden of Dreams a better film than Fitzcarraldo, do we need The Shining when we have the CBS Coverage of Apollo 11 Lunar Landing?

What's interesting about these films is that a parallel history is being written under the nose and out of control of the director. The all-mighty filmmaker yells cut, yet as an act of defiance one camera keeps rolling, capturing what the spectator shouldn't see, candidly documenting what history leaves out. But even then, someone's holding the camera, someone's editing the shots, someone's splicing titles with dates and places over the frame. What happens when the camera simply takes over?

When I think of Rivette's aphorism I can't help but wonder if somewhere, in a dusty basement, someone's keeping the blooper reel of Schindler's List.

Luís Azevedo is a Portuguese video maker with a Masters degree in film. He's been regularly making video essays for Fandor, Little White Lies and MUBI, with a total of over 60 pieces to his name. Along with kogonada, he was the recipient of the fake "2017 Chris Marker Legacy Awards" for the most Markeresque video of the year.

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