Creative Producer Indaba

IFFR Pro joins forces with Sundance, EAVE and Realness to create a professional training programme designed to support African producers. The programme will run over the course of twelve months offering hands-on dynamic support throughout the year.

Call for submissions is now open. You can apply before 31 January. The programme will select 5 producers from Africa with audiovisual projects in development, 5 from North America and Europe and 5 African film professionals without projects.

Three sessions

Creative Producer Indaba will comprise of three separate sessions. The first workshop will take place in Lamu, Kenya in September 2020 with a focus on script development, pitching, communication and analysis. The second workshop will take place during the 50th edition of IFFR in Rotterdam in January 2021 and will focus on packaging, financing and distribution with an invitation to participants to stay for IFFR Pro and CineMart. The programme will culminate with the presentation of a package that consists of a screenplay and strategic plans at an African co-production market in the second half of 2021.

It will help African filmmakers and producers to find alternatives to traditional funding models. Marit van den Elshout, head of IFFR Pro: “We’re in this structure of African projects always having to look for finance outside of their countries, and always looking toward Europe. Financially, if you get into a co-production, there’s always going to be an imbalance in terms of the agency of the project, the power balance.” The aim of the Creative Producers Indaba is to “create partnerships amongst the African countries and keep agency of the stories that you’re developing.”

The first two sessions will be a collaborative model between EAVE’s Puentes, Ties That Bind workshops and Sundance Institute Labs – providing a combined 60 years’ worth of experience and proven results – with Realness Institute overseeing the entire collaboration and providing regional expertise from their extensive experience working in the African filmmaking community.

Realness Institute

Following prolific success with their screenwriter’s residency, having launched 20 film projects in 13 African countries in their 4 years running, Realness Institute has recognised a clear need for a programme catering to African producers. Core to the programme’s development is the view of the producer as the key architect of cinema, the driving force for changing the landscape of African and international cinema.

This programme represents a key turning point for the Realness Institute, Elias Ribeiro founder of Realness and Creative Producer Indaba says, "Indaba has been met with great enthusiasm by our Industry peers. We have big dreams, we are unfolding Realness into an institute inspired by Sundance Institute within the African context, which not only caters to writers, directors and producers, but in future also nurtures professionals in other disciplines of film, such as curation, production design, sound and cinematography, moreover, we intend to structure a film fund to help finance the filmmakers and projects we support."

Any further potential funding partners and practitioners interested in attending this lab are encouraged to contact project manager Elias Ribeiro at [email protected].