CineMart goes Cape Town

This week Cape Town International Film Market and Festival (CTIFMF) and IFFR Pro proudly announced their official partnership. As of 2019, IFFR’s CineMart will be the European hosting partner for EAVE INDABA, the European Audiovisual Entrepreneurs programme that is being developed in collaboration with CTIFMF director Elias Ribeiro.

EAVE is a professional training, project development and networking organisation for audiovisual producers. The partnership with CineMart means that the EAVE workshop at CTIFMF becomes part of an ongoing annual programme. The partnership is a vote of confidence in the processes and programmes that have been put into place by the CTIFMF. All parties share the goal of developing African filmmakers within a global context.

Head of IFFR Pro, Marit van den Elshout: “We are very keen to join this adventure together with the long-standing partner of CineMart and Rotterdam Lab, EAVE. We have high hopes of the collaboration with CTIFMF Market run by Elias Ribeiro whom we know well as a producer of, among other projects, The Wound, which was supported by IFFR’s Hubert Bals Fund. IFFR has always had a strong interest in African cinema. Throughout the years we have presented different film programmes that have focused on young talent from the African continent and within the Hubert Bals Fund there have been initiatives to support this talent. We are looking forward to strengthening the producers in their (inter)national careers.”

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CTIFMF director Ribeiro adds: "Having gone through the EAVE training myself in 2014 and observed the impact of this program in my professional path, I thought this should be made a priority. Having IFFR’s CineMart, one of the pioneering co-production markets on the globe, on board as a partner is an honor. We look forward to crafting the programme together, tapping into the wealth of experience both these organisations hold in capacity building and networking, spanning over decades."

The call for submissions for the first edition of EAVE INDABA is set for late March 2019. Five African and five European producers will be selected to take part in a year-long program where 10 audiovisual projects will be developed through two residential workshops and presented at CTIFMF October 2019 and at the 38th CineMart in January 2020.