CineMart 2018 selection

From nearly 400 submissions, IFFR has selected 16 projects – with expected budgets ranging from €400,000 to €4 million – to present at the refocused 35th edition of CineMart, Rotterdam’s co-production market. CineMart offers filmmakers and producers the opportunity to present their new project to film professionals in order to take the next step in its creative development and financing.

All of the selected filmmakers make their CineMart debut in 2018, with the exception of Matt Porterfield. His film Sollers Point was featured at the 2013 edition of CineMart and is now selected to screen at IFFR 2018’s Voices section.

  • Gastón Solnicki

  • Jean-Gabriel Périot

  • Matt Porterfield

  • Kaweh Modiri

Both Gastón Solnicki and Jean-Gabriel Périot have presented several films at IFFR. Solnicki’s Kékszakállú was screened at IFFR 2017 and won the FIPRESCI award at Venice. In 2009, Périot was selected for IFFR’s Tiger Award for short films with Entre chiens et loups and has since made a name for himself with films such as A German Youth.

Some filmmakers have a track record in making short films. Rachel Lang and Lovisa Sirén have previously seen their short films selected for several festivals and Jesper Dalgaard, who has made short documentaries and a virtual reality performance, presents his first feature film at CineMart.

  • Rachel Lang

  • Lovisa Sirén

  • Jesper Dalgaard

Four selected filmmakers come to CineMart with the aim to follow up on their recent success. Johnny Ma won the Best Canadian First Feature Film Award in Toronto for Old Stone Gurvinder Singh was selected for the prestigious Un Certain Regard in Cannes Ricardo Silva won at Locarno with Navajaro in 2014; Anita Rocha da Silveira’s Kill Me Please was nominated for Best Film at Venice Orizzonti; and Hlynur Pálmason’s Winter Brotherscollected awards at several festivals.

  • Johnny Ma

  • Gurvinder Singh

  • Ricardo Silva

  • Hlynur Pálmason

The emerging filmmakers Luck Razanajaona, Dean Loxton, Carolina Markowicz and Ann-Julie Vervaeke enter CineMart with their first feature projects.

  • Luck Razanajaona

  • Dean Loxton

  • Anita Rocha da Silveira

  • Carolina Markowicz

  • Ann-Julie Vervaeke

CineMart refocused

As of this year, CineMart has been streamlined to better serve film professionals to find the right connections. Head of IFFR PRO Marit van den Elshout: “We’ve downsized the selection to 16 projects in order to give each project more care and attention. The projects now start preparations a month in advance with a specially appointed mentor. We’ve also implemented a new structure for the one-to-one meetings, which will be tailored more to the needs of each project. Additionally, CineMart presents a new format called Spotlight, in which the project teams and their mentors discuss each project publicly for all CineMart guests.”

Selected CineMart titles qualify for four awards:

  • the Eurimages Co-Production Development Award of €20,000 for a European co-production;
  • the ARTE International Prize of €6,000 for an international co-production;
  • the Wouter Barendrecht Award of €5,000 for a project by a director under 35 years of age;
  • and the Filmmore Postproduction Award of €7,500 to be used for colour grading and visual effects.

About CineMart

The 35th edition of CineMart will take place during IFFR PRO Days from 27 January to 2 February 2018.

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CineMart 2018 Full Selection

  • Check Me in Another Place by Matt Porterfield, Le Bureau/The Hamilton Film Group (France/USA)
  • Disco Afrika by Luck Razanajaona, We Film (France/Madagascar)
  • Electrocute by Gastón Solnicki, Rei Cine SRL (Argentina)
  • Medusa by Anita Rocha da Silveira, Bananeira Filmes/Ciné-Sud Promotion (Brazil/France)
  • Mitra by Kaweh Modiri, BALDR Film (the Netherlands)
  • Mon légionnaire by Rachel Lang, Chevaldeuxtrois/Wrong Men (Belgium/France)
  • Moonblood by Jesper Dalgaard, Beofilm (Denmark)
  • Nathan Won’t Ride by Dean Loxton, Lions Den Films (United Kingdom)
  • Ô mon amour by Jean-Gabriel Périot, Local Films (France)
  • Qaim Deen by Gurvinder Singh, The Film Cafe (India)
  • Sagres by Lovisa Sirén, [sic] film (Sweden)
  • Sleepwalk by Ricardo Silva, Spécola/Ryan Zacarias (Mexico/USA)
  • To Live To Sing by Johnny Ma, Image X Productions (China)
  • Waterwolf by Ann-Julie Vervaeke, Earlybirds Films (Belgium)
  • When My Life Was My Life by Carolina Markowicz, Superfilmes/Yourmama/Ajimolido Films (Brazil/Argentina)
  • A White, White Day by Hlynur Pálmason, Join Motion Pictures/Snowglobe (Iceland/Denmark)

Photo in header: CineMart Award Ceremony 2017 © Melanie Lemahieu