Cinema Regained

24 November 2021

Film Still: Viaggio nel crepuscolo, Augusto Contento, 2021

Restorations of cinematic classics, documentaries on film culture and explorations into cinema’s heritage, Cinema Regained pays tribute to the masters, history and making of cinema. Nine titles are now confirmed – from Indian popular cinema lookalikes, Korean folk tales and film essay reflections on 1960s Italy.

Indian cinema and celebrity lookalikes

Indian popular cinema’s romance with stardom goes far beyond the celebrities themselves, taking their lookalikes along for the ride. Indian director Geetika Narang Abbasi presents the world premiere of Urf, a joyfully curious look into the paradoxical existence of “The Juniors” and the often satirical revisions of beloved classics they star in. Looking back on an Indian classic, French filmmaker Loubna Régragui presents the world premiere of The Nine Lakh Stars, a journey into the ethics of film preservation and the making of IFFR-legend Mani Kaul’s 1973 masterpiece Duvidha. 

Korean folk tales and media history

The programme also presents two remarkable Korean films. The second title in the Modern Korea documentary series, Modern Korea: The Age of Beasts by Jeong Jaeeun looks at the portrayal of violence against women in ‘80s and ‘90s Korean media. The first title, Modern Korea – Doing Our Best the People’s Network, was shown at IFFR 2021. Never shying away from out-of-the-box titles, Cinema Regained presents Korean Ghost Story – Ieodo by Choi Sangsik. One episode from a popular TV series of strange Korean folk tales, the 1979 title envisions the legend of a female utopia on the Iŏdo Island.

1960s politics and surrealism

Augusto Contento’s 2021 release Viaggio nel crepuscolo takes on the subject of Italian society and politics in the 1960s. In this epic essay, part-documentary and part-animation, Contento inquires into what we can learn from the era’s images, documentaries and attempts at propaganda, as well as Marco Bellochino’s caustic commentaries on his days and ages. 

Cinema Regained also welcomes the return of another IFFR-regular, the Hungarian filmmaker Judit Elek, with the restoration of the 1969 The Lady from Constantinople. Hop-scotching between surrealism and cinema vérité, the masterpiece follows scenes from the life of an eldery lady who time and again finds herself in outright bizarre situations.

Cinema Regained titles

More Cinema Regained titles to be announced.

The full IFFR 2022 programme will be announced on 21 December.

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