BoostNL projects in Utrecht

BoostNL is the collaboration programme of the Nederlands Film Festival (NFF) and IFFR that offers a tailor-made programme for projects in development and post-production from the NFF in September to IFFR in January.

During NFF the focus for the selected projects was on a customized expert program with (international) script consultants, editing mentors and festival, sales and marketing strategy experts. Dutch producers can already talk to the selected international BoostNL projects during the NFF.

In Utrecht, Nick Cunnigham had a short talk with the involved projects such as The Face of the Jellyfish by director Melisa Liebenthal which is produced by Eugenia Campos Guevara. "I use the BoostNL experience to see more clearly if the whole production planning we have made and carried this far is well designed, or if we have to think anything over. It also very important to find some allies during these days that might want to join us as co-producers", Guevara says.

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Another project present in Utrecht is La hija de todas las rabias by Laura Baumeister, who received development support by the Hubert Bals Fund earlier. Producer Rosanna Baumeister knows what she wants to get out of the BoostNL experience. “We are looking for a first exposure of the project to industry professionals as well as for professional feedback, co-production and industrial partners, and training experience.”

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About BoostNL

The aim is to intensively guide and present Dutch projects in development and international film projects that have already been presented during the co-production market CineMart and/or received support from IFFR's Hubert Bals Fund to potential future partners.

By combining the strengths of the two festivals and supplementing them with a tailor-made programme of, among others, script consultants and editing mentors, individual interviews with prominent film professionals and attention to festival, sales and marketing strategies, BoostNL provides a strong industry exposure for the selected projects.

During the IFFR the focus of the selected projects will be on the one-on-one discussions with potential international co-producers.

BoostNL at IFFR 2018

The last edition of the programme in Rotterdam

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