Back to the Future: Project

Fans of IFFR sound//vision programme’s innovative, adventurous, experimental AV performances have a new festival weekend to look forward to, coming soon in WORM: Back to the Future: Project! 

Back to the Future: Project! is a 2-day festival for analogue film and optical sound organised by Filmwerkplaats, the artist-run film lab operating out of the WORM (literally) underground venue in Rotterdam. A one-off festival focusing on the future of the only 'real' film medium, and in particular contemporary artistic developments, embedded in a historical context. A celebration of the active use of analogue 16mm film, with an international programme of performances, films, presentations and installations in all the spaces in WORM, and with forays into the Ubik, the S/ash Ga\\ery and V2 venues.               

Filmwerkplaats is one of the last places in the Netherlands to still work with analogue (16mm) film, and was set up as an artist-run film lab with a 100% do-it-yourself mentality. Filmwerkplaats represents a unique collection of knowledge, equipment and love of the film medium and is a highly active member of an expanding worldwide network of alternative film labs run by artists. Film – that is, celluloid – has been declared dead many times, but Filmwerkplaats refuses to join this chorus of tech pessimism. Film is a tough – indestructible even – medium, and here it makes up part of the armoury of artists working far from the mainstream film industry. As a festival, Back to the Future: Project! wishes to demonstrate that film remains more than a footnote or special effect in an era when moving images are 'by default' electronic.

The entire Back to the Future: Project! programme

The 2-day festival for analogue film and optical sound organised by Filmwerkplaats.

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sound//vision 2018

IFFR sound//vision supports the Back to the Future: Project! festival. Alongside a broad selection of films and installations, there will be many (film) performances to see and hear by the likes of: Sally Golding, Ojoboca, Greg Pope, Guy Sherwin/Lynn Loo, Von Calhau, Mariska de Groot & Optical Sound Orchestra, Nan Wang/Matthias Hurtl, Bernardo Zanotta/Lennart Smit, Sandy Ding, Sato Endo/Florian Cramer and Rikkert Brok/Yamila Ríos.

Past editions of IFFR have shown films created in the Filmwerkplaats on many occasions, including by Esther Urlus, Lichun Tseng, Nan Wang, Daan de Bakker, Pim Zwier and Joost van Veen. In addition, several IFFR sound//vision evenings have brought together musicians with members of the Filmwerkplaats for unique live performances.

IFFR sound//vision dates takes place from Thursday 25 to Sunday 28 January 2018.