As long as it Takes 2016, short film selection

The short film section is one of the largest programmes of its kind in Europe, bringing numerous short film professionals to Rotterdam. Short films occupy a prominent position throughout the programme. They are everywhere: in the Tiger Awards Competition for Short Films, as part of an installation, as a short preceding a Pathé premiere and, naturally, many of them are shown as part of the compilations at the short film headquarters LantarenVenster.

The following compilations will be screened at the upcoming festival:

More information about the separate films will be online with the full programme schedule on January 22, 2016

Beyond Sight

Impossible events, invisible connections, the last images of a blind man, the oldest tree in the world of which only insiders know where it stands and the unlikely similarities between modern music and finance.

  • Entrelazado by Riccardo Giacconi
  • A Thing Among Things by Giovanni Giaretta
  • Hereditary Language by Lisa Oppenheim
  • Crippled Symmetries by Beatrice Gibson

I Am a Camera

Lenses bundeling light and by the use of a series of cameras we get an amazing glimpse into the lives of different groups of people.

  • Scrapbook by Mike Hoolboom
  • Navigator by Björn Kämmerer
  • Sept. - Oct. 2015 by Cizre belit sag
  • Silbersee by Alexandra Navratil
  • With All Our Cameras by Miguel López Beraza

Fountains of Youth 

Desire is the beginning of everything, an artist who not only seeks but finds, bones of mortality vs. eternal youth, hair extensions, solar peptides, beautiful new shapes, colors and sounds: forever young!

  • Land of Desire - Happy Is the New Black by Donna Verheijden
  • Picasso by Jaakko Pallasvuo
  • Dear Lorde by Emily Vey Duke & Cooper Battersby
  • You Could Sunbathe in This Storm by Alice Dunseath
  • We Chose the Milky Way by Eve Marie Rodbro

Reality Is Negotiable

Eventually, not everything has to be as unambiguous as it seems at first. Reality sometimes needs a helping hand.

  • Erysichton by Jon Rafman
  • In a Perfect Fever by Kera Mackenzie & Andrew Mausert-Mooney
  • Ears, Nose and Throat by Kevin Jerome Everson
  • The Everyday Ritual of Solitude Hatching Monkeys by Basim Magdy
  • A Man Returned by Mahdi Fleifel

True Desires

A collection about secret desires, impossible desires, eternal hope springs, forbidden desires, about the then, the now, on this and the other side of the ocean, and a beginning, always a new beginning.

  • Undisclosed Recipients by Sandro Aguilar
  • Tosse not my soule by Sebastian Buerkner
  • Deseos by Carlos Motta
  • Poem by Dan Browne
  • Spermwhore by Anna Linder

Signals from Earth

Complex issues are simplified but not brought from a different perspective. Grotesque mega structures that look like a land art project, a performance with a mangled melody or a prolonged ritual with a monkey are difficult to explain to outsiders anyway.

  • Bending to Earth by Rosa Barba
  • Ghost Rabbit & The Casket Sales by Arnont Nong Yao
  • Radio at Night by James Richards
  • The Masked Monkeys by Anja Dornieden & JD Gonzales Monroy
  • The Mess by Peter Burr 

State of the Nation

A radio presenter, a theater producer, a revolutionary, an immigrant, a student and a neighbor of a terrorist sharing their view of situations that have had a lasting impact on the country where they live.

  • The Asylum by Prapat Jiwarangsan
  • Galindez by Diego Bruno
  • The 'New Man' and My Father by Adrian Melis
  • Il quarto giorno di scuola by Martina Melilli
  • Franzosensand by Bettina Nürnberg & Dirk Peuker
  • Nos champs by Baptiste Ribrault

Heart of the Matter

The blistering heat of molten glass is almost palpable, the green smell of chopped parsley, the details within a painting and the fragile walls of a paper film set. 

  • Double-Take: Leader of the Syrian Revolution Commanding a Charge by Lawrence Abu Hamdan
  • Consider the Belvedere by Julia Feyrer & Tamara Henderson
  • Analysis of Emotions and Vexations by Wojciech Bakowski
  • Poem and Stone by Maryam Tafakory
  • The Mesh and the Circle by Mariana Caló & Francisco Queimadela

Couleur Locale

Here, there and an escape from both. Five short films reflect on the distance between home and elsewhere and search for a language to bring the spaces and memories together.

  • Here There by Alexander Stewart
  • An Inaccurate Distance by Giovanni Giaretta
  • Electrical Gaza by Rosalind Nashashibi
  • Escape Scenes by Julia Feyrer
  • A Simple Story, Mine, Yours and M’s by Atefeh Yarmohammadi

Original Language

Language has the capacity to enlighten and deceive. Five short films give insight into the power and pitfalls of communication. With humor and subversion, the films reflect on verbal, written and cinematic language.

  • Subtítulos: saber sin estudiar (Subtitles: to Know without Learning) by Manuel Saiz
  • The Cusp of Your Credenza by Anita Delaney
  • Chums from Across the Void by Jim Finn
  • Alter Senator by Willehad Eilers & Wayne Horse
  • Matkormano by Fabien Rennet

Breaking Walls

Stone walls, digital walls, mental walls, symbolic walls. Walls that serve as shelter, get in the way, have collapsed or broken off, should be demolished or properly rebuilt.

  • The Digger by Ali Cherri
  • Metropolitan Triangle Garden by Rui Hu
  • E42 by Cynthia Madansky
  • The Silence of Ani by Francis Alÿs

Notes on Film

Stories and memories are associations, and associations are movies. Images can breathe, as opposed to follow overlapping notebooks or walls full of post-its.

  • A Distant Episode by Ben Rivers
  • An Old Dog's Diary by Shumona Goel & Shai Heredia
  • Still Light by Nova Paul
  • Half Human, Half Vapor by Mike Stoltz
  • Remembering the Pentagons by Azadeh Navai
  • Vivir para vivir by Laida Lertxundi

Processing (in Progress)

An exploration of the intrinsic qualities of the photochemical film with whole and half development methods, optical color mixtures, overlaps, duplications, flicker, and other celebrations of this tactile art. All in 16mm projection.

  • On the Invention of the Wheel by Richard Tuohy
  • Elli by Esther Urlus
  • Chorus by Josh Lewis
  • Something Between Us by Jodie Mack
  • Font Màgica by Izabella Pruska-Oldenhof
  • Harbour City by Simon Liu

Short Stories: New Romantic

The total of four break-ups and three beginnings of a love-affair in this stylistically diverse programme of unsentimental modern romance.

  • Melon Rainbow by Laurits Flensted-Jensen
  • Univitellin by Terence Nance
  • Flots Gris by Joelle Desjardins Paquette
  • Ton coeur au hasard by Aude Lea Rapin

Short Stories: On Their Way

Arrival or departure brings tension. Our four main characters are looking forward to their destination, but are not all welcomed. 

  • Los Barcos by Dominga Sotomayor
  • The Return of Erkin by Maria Guskova
  • O som da casa by Maxime Kathari
  • Mama by Davit Pirtskhalava

Short Stories: Without Warning

Confrontations with the unexpected trigger raw emotions in these four stories. But when the dust has settled, some first responses must be withdrawn.

  • Ogasavara by Tata Kotetishvili
  • Belladonna by Dubravka Turic
  • Nothing Stranger by Pedro Collantes
  • São Paulo com Daniel by Deborah Viegas & Nicolas Thomé Zetune

Short Stories: Words of Wisdom, Words of Strife

Four powerful stories about people painfully aware of the things which are beyond their reach. Be it through daydreaming, action or (political) contemplation they all try to deal with the flawed reality around them.

  • Nuestro mar by Eileen Hofer
  • Love Story Not by Yosep Anggi Noen
  • Meda by Emanuel Parvu
  • Kwassa Kwassa by Tuan Andrew Ngyen & Superflex

Short Stories: Day & Night 

  • Trespassed by Ho Yuhang, Charlotte Lim Lay Kuen & Yeo Joon-han
  • Blink by Yeo Joon-han
  • Bread by Charlotte Lim Lay Kuen

Homeland Syria

After three years of war, a large part of the Syrian population is on the run. Three personal stories of Syrians who are trying in their own way to escape the violence.

  • 9 Days – From My Window in Aleppo by Issa Touma, Floor van der Meulen & Thomas Vroege
  • The Cow Farm by Ali Sheikh Khudr
  • No One Gets Out Of Here Alive by Ramzi Bashour


  • We Are Become Death byJean-Gabriel Périot
  • Panels for the Walls of the World by Stan Vanderbeek
  • Bunte Kuh by Faraz Anoushahpour, Parastoo Anoushahpour & Ryan Ferko
  • Extended Horizon by Lukas Marxt
  • Trespass by Paul Wenninger
  • From Our Own Correspondent by Lucy Clout
  • Les contagions barbares by Marie Dauverné
  • The Song from Rio by Jim Maurice LEMAÎTRE
  • Two Thousand Walls (a Song for Jayyous) by Peter Snowdon
  • Final Exit by Joe Gibbons
  • There Are No Limits to What I Can Do by Richard Dinter & Magdalena Dziurlikoska
  • 23 Barbiepuppen kippen um by Dagie Brundert & Gesine Jochems
  • Weapons Conference by Mike Heynes
  • Burka Boogie Woogie by Sietske Tjallingii
  • Verwisseling van de namen van de steden Rotterdam en Den Haag by Wim Gijzen
  • KARAKIA The Resetting Ceremony by Sasha Huber

This Is Where Reconstruction

  • Where Is Kurdistan? by Aboozar Amini
  • This Is Not a Song of Hope by Daniel Aragão
  • Mozaiek by Guido van Driel
  • Garden by Mira Fornay
  • Honey and Old Cheese by Yassine El Idrissi
  • Sunny Day by Ying Liang

More information about this special programme

Throwing Shadows: Short Films

A rare programme of psychedelic multi-projection shorts from 1960-70s Japan ranging from animations to newsreel montages that will make your eyes go ‘pop.’

  • 4 Eyes by Keiichi Tanaami
  • Why by Keiichi Tanaami
  • Inner Man by Mako Idemitsu
  • At Any Place 2 by Mako Idemitsu
  • Great Society by Masanori Oe & Marvin Fishman
  • For the Damaged Right Eye by Toshio Matsumoto

Avant Premieres

A collection of short supporting films receiving their world or international premieres in Rotterdam this year, all together just for once.

  • Riot by Nathan Silver
  • Fat Boy Never Slim by Sorayos Prapapan
  • Edmond by Nina Gantz
  • Our Fathers' Sons by Ulaano 's Salim
  • Ali's Boat by Sadik Kwaish Alfraji
  • Atardecer by Violeta Uman
  • Falling Frames by Johannes Langkamp
  • Peace in the Absence of War by Theo Anthony
  • Tuesday by Ziya Demirel
  • Untitled by Nicolas Provost

[email protected] Shorts Voices

Two films about the line between success and tragedy, good and evil. A documentary about Rotterdam's legendary cyclist William Koopman who exchanged the podium for a life on the streets, and the short drama Jacked, where two boys who steal a car face the consequences.

  • Vonk by Edgar Kapp & Kuba Szutkowski
  • De Pedaalridder by Ari Deelder