Art Directions at IFFR 2020

12 November 2019


Art Directions at IFFR 2020

12 November 2019

Art and film meet with Rosa Barba, Quay Brothers, The Ummah Chroma and more.

IFFR’s Art Directions is an extensive programme of art installations, performances and exhibitions. The first names to be featured in our upcoming edition have now been confirmed. Read on to discover where art and film meet at IFFR 2020.

Frameworks: Renowned makers and emerging talent

Frameworks is a programme that invites two major names in the art world to present their own work and introduce us to an exciting emerging artist – we call them Acolytes, who each receive a grant to produce an audiovisual artwork, to be premiered at IFFR 2020. 

The Quay Brothers produce work that blurs the boundaries between live-action and animation. With their third feature currently in the works, the Quay Brothers present a prelude to their film, in the form of an installation, in TENT Rotterdam. The Quay Brothers appointed Patricia Allio as their Acolyte. Patricia is a French artist whose latest work Reconstitution d'une scène de chasse will be featured with a Talk on Saturday 25 January at Lantarenvenster.

The Karrabing Film Collective are also 2020 Acolytes – a grassroots indigenous media group based in the Northern Territory, Australia. They use film and installation to expose the long shadow cast by colonial power.





The Ummah Chroma

As part of Perspectives, IFFR and partner Het Nieuwe Instituut will present an interdisciplinary programme around artist collective The Ummah Chroma – consisting of Bradford Young, Terence Nance, Jenn Nkiru, Marc Thomas and Kamasi Washington, in a special collaboration with production designer Lauri Faggioni and producer Erin Wile. An installation inspired by their musical short film As Told to G/D Thyself (2019) will feature and will be extended with a series of performances, film screenings, masterclasses and talks during IFFR. The installation will stay show at Het Nieuwe Instituut, from 23 January to 28 June 2020. 

Wait and see

Also featuring as part of Perspectives, Wait and See explores the experience of cultivated curiosity and quiet impatience – even starting before the film starts, in our imagination, fed by our expectations and ideas. The thematic programme will include feature-length and short films, as well as a special ‘waiting room’ at the heart of the festival.


Art Directions wouldn’t be complete without its sound//vision nights at WORM. This year, the contemporary classic boasts four nights of exceptional collaborations between musicians, video artists and filmmakers. Don’t miss the “synaesthetic and synecstatis media-meltdown” TWIXT by Billy Roisz and Dieter ‘dieb13’ Kovačič, and the experimental, handmade communion of sound and lightwaves, Wavelength, by Stefano Canapa and Antoine Birot. Benjamin Verdonck and Lucas van Haesebroeck also created Waldeinsamkeit; an enchanting machine that plays with light and dark, challenging you to think outside the box. More names to be confirmed!

Sacred Beings by Darunee Terdtoontaveedej

Themed programme Sacred Beings explores contemporary non-Western queer culture and is the result of our new Young Curators initiative. At the heart of this multidisciplinary programme is an installation bringing together the documentary photography by New Zealand-based academic Sharyn Davies, the portraiture of Thai photographer Watsamon Tri-yasakda and a short film by Thai artist and filmmaker Sarnt Utamachote. 

Robby Müller and Laure Prouvost 

Art and film meet in exciting spaces at IFFR 2020. To accompany the recently launched Robby Müller Award, an exhibition of the late cinematographer’s rare Polaroid photography will be on show at WORM. The exhibition Like Sunlight coming through the Clouds: 30 years of Polaroid photography by Robby Müller is curated by Müller-Schirmer, in collaboration with the Annet Gelink Gallery and supported by Polaroid Art & Culture. Also, from the moment you step into Rotterdam Central Station, audiences are invited to experience film installation DIT LEARN by Laure Prouvost; made possible in collaboration with Art Rotterdam. 

More exciting announcements for Art Directions will follow shortly.

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