Alexis Dos Santos reveals first dialogue

On the website of Cinema Reloaded, Alexis Dos Santos reveals the first dialogue between the two main characters of his short film Another World: Rocky & Lulu. Co-producer Dave posted the first comment: ‘I’m growing fond of Rocky and Lulu already!’

Alexis Dos Santos describes his project as a short, experimental film about the friendship between two young adults who meet on the internet. Despite the almost insurmountable distance between them in the real world, they get very close to each other in the virtual one. Judging from his earlier work, youth culture is not an unfamiliar subject to Alexis. His Cinema Reloaded project forms the basis of ‘Another World’, a multimedia concept that is expanding in different formats: a short film, a novel and a feature. Although Alexis is still busy writing, we can’t wait for more updates about his ambitious and promising project.