VR projects confirmed for CineMart 2022

06 December 2021

Film still: Echo Blast


VR projects confirmed for CineMart 2022

06 December 2021

Our co-production market CineMart doesn’t only provide a platform for feature films in development, but is a frontrunner in supporting immersive and augmented reality projects come to fruition. With its partner organisations Festival du nouveau cinéma Montréal (FNC) and the Immersive Funding Market at VRDays Europe, IFFR handpicks the most exciting narrative immersive projects in development for its IFFR Pro Immersive selection.

Jolinde den Haas, IFFR Pro Immersive manager: “We are proud to offer a platform to this splendid selection of five very distinct VR projects which came together via our collaborations with leading international platforms. At IFFR Pro we strongly believe in VR as an art form and these creations will form an integral part of CineMart, where we hope they’ll find the right connections to bring them to (augmented) reality.”

Out of the five projects that attended FNC’s Nouveau marché, British-Canadian project Future Rites was nominated to continue its development at IFFR, before which it was also selected for the BFI London Film Festival where a concept was exhibited for audiences

In November, the Content strand of the Immersive Funding Market (IFM) took place during VRDays Europe in Amsterdam. Two expert jury members, Wendy Bernfeld and Doede Holtkamp, chose four projects out of ten to attend CineMart in 2022, including works from Chile, France and Indonesia. Bernfeld is a Canadian-Dutch digital agent, rights expert and managing director of Amsterdam-based content consultancy Rights Stuff. Holtkamp is a VR producer who runs development activities for Avore, an award-winning Brazilian studio based in São Paulo. 

Read details of the full selection below. 

Film still: Alternates

Film still: Future Rights

Film still: Confident

Film still: Duchampiana

Alternates (Bergantian), Jonathan Hagard, Indonesia/Japan/Germany

  • Set in Ubud, Bali, Alternates is an uchronia that depicts a dancer and musican in an alternate timeline when the 1906 mass suicide would not have happened. Under the rule of the religious group “Darul Islam” that ruled Indonesia since 1945, Bali has not become the living museum of Indonesian classical art, the exceptional province that preserves its traditions and the popular tourist destination we know in our timeline. This is a VR experience about things that could have changed and things that don’t change.

Confident, Jérome Blanquet, Bertrand Jeandel, France

  • 2051. Everyone is equipped with a personal happiness assistant. The Confident knows all about its owner: his or her affinities, weaknesses, fears, mental or physical health. Shadow adviser and hormone regulator, Confident is wise to its host’s every decision and emotion. In this comic interactive investigation in VR, you play an investigator from the company that makes Confidents. The user Rudy has been found in a lethargic condition after a connection failure between his Confident and the central server. You have to find out why. Your choices will impact the story and its climax.

Duchampiana, Lilian Hess, France

  • Duchampiana invites users to climb an infinite staircase following our protagonist Duchampiana, along with a growing crowd of women, on her quest towards empowerment. Duchampiana focuses on the famously symbolic motif of “The Woman Descending the Stairs''. This VR installation plays with the technique of “power posing” and invites the user to take action by climbing an electric stair climber, programmed to communicate with the headset via a set of trackers.

Echo Blast, Natalia Cabrera, Chile 

  • Echo Blast is a VR game that transforms you into a renegade bat that flies through the dark. You must learn how to soar through the skies using echolocation, as a means to see your surroundings and navigate the hostile night of a lonely city. In this journey, you’ll meet a young human girl that is suffering from domestic child abuse, trapped inside her house with their abuser. You will have to deal with predators, unlocking abilities like hide, hunt, defense, etc., tools to acknowledge and confront the darkness that harms you.

Future Rites, Sandra Rodriguez, Alexander Whitley, UK/Canada

  • A co-production between choreographer Alexander Whitley, director Sandra Rodriguez and Normal Studio, Future Rites is an immersive and collaborative performance experience based on the seminal ballet The Rite Of Spring. Combining real-time animation and AI, it enables anyone to join in the dance. As users interact with a constantly evolving natural world, their movements and gestures decide a crucial outcome, guiding a narrative through this celebrated work of classical music around themes of ritual, nature and sacrifice.

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