Bijlmerbajes Bios Closing Edition

After eight editions, the Bijlmerbajes Bios series of monthly film evenings in the Bijlmerbajes former prison is drawing to an end. For this last edition, the team of five film professionals from Syria and Iran teamed up with all their partners – EYE, IDFA, the Fantastisch Kinderfilm Festival and IFFR – to work on a programme of short films from the Middle East. They are combing the archives, and you will be able to see the results of their search on Saturday, 28 October in Lola Lik. The compilation programme Escaping Reality Through Art is as follows:

1. Ali's Boat - Sadik Alfraji (Voices Short 2016)
2. Our Fathers' Sons - Ulaa Salim (Voices Short 2016)
3. Poem and Stone - Maryam Tafakory (Bright Future Short 2016)

4. Raised by Krump - Maceo Frost

5. Stand-By Office - Randa Maroufi

Bijlmerbajes Bios

Since the summer of 2016, part of the former Bijlmerbajes in Amsterdam has been converted to a refugee reception centre, home to some 600 refugees. The Bijlmerbajes Bios takes place in the Lola Lik cultural hub, for refugees staying here and local residents. The project’s initiator, Solar World Cinema, provides the screenings at this location with its mobile cinema. IFFR joins in every two months as part of its Travelling Cinema programme, which organises screenings of IFFR films in Dutch neighbourhoods.

  • Bijlmerbajes Bios Closing Edition

    Ali's Boat - Sadik Alfraji

  • Bijlmerbajes Bios Closing Edition

    Our Fathers' Sons - Ulaa Salim

  • Bijlmerbajes Bios Closing Edition

    Poem and Stone - Maryam Tafakory