BGL discount

Listen up film lovers! IFFR and BankGiro Loterij will offer free tickets for BGL VIP-cardholders!

If you are a BankGiro Loterij VIP cardholder and received a link from BankGiro Lotterij, you can use it to link your VIP-card to our website. Each VIP cardholder can order two movie tickets for one of the available films or for the Instant Favorite or Surprise Film. The booking includes a voucher that you can redeem for two drinks of your choice.

For an explanation of how exactly you can link your BGL VIP card to your personal account, click here.

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Order tickets for the IFFR Instant Favourites with BankGiro Loterij Check out the programme of IFFR 2020 Link your BGL VIP card to your personal account