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Bente Maalen

Bente Maalen is a film producer and the founder of Blaane Film. She has a background in film studies at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology and as a festival producer at Kosmorama Trondheim International Film Festival. In 2011 she initiated and founded Ramaskrik Horror Film Festival, which was named one of “The 30 Bloody Best Genre Fests in the World” by MovieMaker Magazine in 2018. Maalen has worked her way up in the film industry working on major national and international films and TV series to gain a deeper knowledge of film production and the art of producing. She has produced three short films, co-produced TV series and had several feature films and TV series in the pipeline.

Blaane Film AS  Norway

Blaane film is an independent production company located on the coast of Central Norway. It produces features, TV series and shorts. Its focus is on diversity and new talent, and aims to further develop the film industry in the Trøndelag region of Norway. They are always looking for new projects, including co-productions, and their ambition is to be the leading fiction production company in the region.


Projects in development

Light Years by Vegard Dahle (feature)

Heim by Julie Skaufel (feature)

Recycled by Ida Eldøen (feature)

Burn all Bridges (series)


Released films 

Headwind by Jon Vatne (short)

Being There by Helen Komini Knudsen (short)

Rumpa by Elisabeth Matheson (short)

Bente Maalen - photo

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