Backstage jobs

About a quarter of the volunteers work in the so-called backstage jobs. Working behind the scenes, they are less visible to our audience and guests but put a smile on the face of each and every location manager, coordinator and office crew member!

Paper Tigers (FULL)

Take care of all film posters. Quite the job, for they have to make sure the right poster is at the right place at the right time. They work in a small team and take good care of the distribution of festival posters, programmes and film reviews to all festival locations. Moreover, you will browse through newspapers and magazines to look for reviews or other IFFR-related articles.

Is great because: you will be seeing every corner of the festival, you are always up to date on which films to see and you will be working in a small but great team. Added to that, you will be first in line in case any posters are left over!

You'll need: a secret love for tape…

Construction team

Move around furniture, cables, computers and much, much more. This hard-working team consists of strong guys and girls with a great heart for the festival. As a member of the construction team you will see IFFR come to life during construction and take it apart as soon as it is over.

Is great because: you will mostly work before and after the festival, meaning you have plenty of time off during the festival to see films, attend parties and sleep in…

You'll need: a good pair of shoulders and a great dose of perseverance. A driver's license could be useful, but is not a necessity. Be aware of the fact that you have to be available the weeks before and after the festival.

Audience Award Team (FULL)

Responsible for collecting, counting and administering all audience award forms.

Is great because: you work in a small but great team, plus you'll know which films to see, even before they are published.

You'll need: a basic skill in numeracy.

Production Runners (FULL)

This team assists the production department and IFFR's Location managers with every last-minute or unforeseen job. It is a diverse task that will take you behind the scenes of all the festival locations and IFFR's office. 

Is great because: you're base is IFFR's office but your job will take you all around the city and you'll get a unique view behind the scenes. 

You'll need: a bike to move around the city quickly, and a hands on mentality. If you have a driver's license too, that will come in handy as well. 

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