Attending IFFR 2017 with your Cineville pass

IFFR and Cineville have joined forces! This year you can once again use your Cineville pass for a range of events during IFFR. Pass holders receive free admission to the sound//vision programmes, three compilation programmes in the Tiger Competition for Short Films and all Mid-length screenings. You don’t need to order tickets for these online, but you can collect them by showing a valid Cineville pass. You can do this from an hour ahead of the screening at the box office at the location where the event is taking place.


The sound//vision programmes focus on innovative, experimental and adventurous audio-visual culture. These evenings offer exceptional collaborations, sometimes specially for the occasion, between musicians, video artists, filmmakers and other artists working in the field of sound and vision.

From Thursday 26 January through Sunday 29 January the doors open at 21:00 hours, the programme starts at 22:00 hours, open till late! At WORM, Boomgaardsstraat 71. You can find the full programme here.

Tiger Competition for Short films

Unlike the Hivos Tiger Competition, the 'short Tigers' are not just for young makers or those just starting out. The competition is a great opportunity to see fresh new work, as almost ninety percent of the films are world, international or European premières.

The following three compilation programmes are available for free with your Cineville pass:

Tiger Competition for Short Films 1

Thurday 26 January 20.00, Kino 1
Friday 27 January 16.00, Pathé 2
Friday 3 February 11:45, Cinerama 2

Tiger Competition for Short Films 5

Sunday 29 January 16.30, Pathé 3

Monday 30 January 16.30, Pathé 3
Tuesday 31 January 13.00, Pathé 3

Tiger Competition for Short Films 6

  • Fajr
    Lois Patiño , Spain, Morocco, 2017
  • What the Heart Wants
    Cécile B. Evans, Germany, United Kingdom, Belgium, Australia, 2017
  • Fuddy Duddy
    Siegfried A. Fruhauf, Austria, 2016
  • August
    Omer Fast, Germany, 2017

Sunday 29 January 19.15, Kino 1
Monday 30 January 14.00, Kino 1
Thursday 2 February 14.15, Cinerama 2

Short Stories: Personal Distance

Compilation programme, 92'. Screens in Cinerama 2, Westblaak 18 at 15:30 hours.
A city, a removals box, an apartment and a hospital bed make up the fragile territories you can enter in this stylistically diverse programme on big-city intimacy.

  • Long bueno
    Abílio Dias, Brazilië, 2017, DCP, 30', Port, English subtitled
  • The House or a Machine for Living In
    Catarina Romano, Portugal, 2016, DCP, 13', Port, English subtitled
  • Antes de irme 
    Mariana Sanguinetti, Argentinië, 2017, DCP, 10', Spa, English subtitled 
  • Das
    Jelmer Wristers, Nederland, 2017, DCP, 40', Ned, English subtitled


The mid-length film in the spotlight. Not short, not long, but just as long as it takes. Films that owing to their length (40-65 minutes) don’t fit into the regular programme slots, but really deserve to be seen. The following screenings can be attended for free by showing your Cineville pass.