Annual Report 2021-2022


Guided by the belief that cinema can be a tool for acquiring knowledge and developing personal skills, this edition’s education programme presented special events, workshops, screenings, talks and masterclasses, and made further steps to provide year-round programmes across the spectrum of educational stages.

Infographic Education IFFR 2022

[Please note that IFFR 2022 attendance and engagement cannot be directly compared with IFFR 2021; last year’s hybrid festival consisted of two separate chapters in February and June.]

Activities for students of all ages, levels and disciplines

Between 1 March 2021 and 28 February 2022, IFFR received 81,354 visits (both online and physical, excluding the June 2021 festival days) from school children, students and teachers.

The festival took further steps towards developing year-round education programmes for various secondary education schools and systems – including vocational education systems (PO, VO, MBO, HBO) and universities (WO). To further incorporate film education in school curriculums, IFFR has been collaborating with schools such as primary school Gouden Griffel in Rotterdam to set up the Cultuurcoach programme, and Rotterdam-based college Zadkine to offer film classes and career guidance. Workshops were offered covering a wide array of topics in film, including film analysis, soundtracks (with Watch That Sound), filmmaking skills (with Digital Playground), and documentary. 

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Special events

On September 26, IFFR collaborated with Theatre Islemunda to host its Kids Only special event for children aged between nine and twelve, this edition based on Het Andere Koekboek by Mirjam Marks and Rianne van Duin. The book’s creators offered an animation workshop following a short film programme related to the book’s meeting of cuisine with stories of displacement. 

The IFFR Young Selectors, continuing their assignment from IFFR 2021, collaborated with Rotterdam Open Doek at LantarenVenster in November to programme an event celebrating the anniversary of Surinamese independence

Film and media art heritage project continues

Together with arts-focused primary school Het Landje and design and architecture museum Het Nieuwe Instituut, IFFR continues with the three-year primary school education programme focused on film and media art heritage titled the Archive of Imagination.

“What we really need to archive is a reminder for people to take good care of the earth and to be kind to each other.” — Fourth grade primary school pupil during Archive of Imagination

Archive of Imagination

Archive of Imagination

Archive of Imagination

Archive of Imagination

Archive of Imagination

IFFR and LantarenVenster

Taking further steps in their joint efforts, IFFR and Rotterdam cinema LantarenVenster continued to lay the foundations for incorporating film education as an integral part of school curriculums. They strengthened their connection to schools in Rotterdam by organising school screenings in cinemas, offering film classes and developing teaching materials.

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