Annual Report 2021-2022

Awards & Competitions

The 51st edition programme was moved online in response to lockdown measures introduced in the Netherlands in December 2021. The Press & Industry Selection was made available on Festival Scope Pro and succeeded in providing a platform for the 221 festival selections, including our flagship competitions, that could not screen to audiences online. Instead, competition selections would be made available to audiences in screening rooms later in 2022. Films that did screen in the IFFR 2022 online audience selection were eligible for the VriendenLoterij Audience Award.

IFFR 2022 Awards infographic

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IFFR’s trademark Tiger Competition celebrates the innovative and adventurous spirit of up-and-coming filmmakers from all over the world. From 14 selected titles in 2022, EAMI by Paz Encina received the Tiger Award during the online ceremony on 2 February 2022. Excess Will Save Us by Morgane Dziurla-Petit and To Love Again by Gao Linyang both won Special Jury Awards.

Film still: EAMI

Film still: To Love Again

Film still: Excess Will Save Us

Furthermore, during the Awards Ceremony, Kung Fu Zohra by Mabrouk El Mechri was awarded the VPRO Big Screen Award by an audience jury. The Ammodo Tiger Short Awards were given to Becoming Male in the Middle Ages by Pedro Neves Marques, Nazarbazi by Maryam Tafakory, and Nosferasta: First Bite by Bayley Sweitzer and Adam Khalil. Acclaimed cinematographer Sayombhu Mukdeeprom was selected as the winner of this year’s Robby Müller Award.

During the IFFR 2022 Closing Night, Freaks Out by Gabriele Mainetti was announced as the winner of the VriendenLoterij Audience Award 2022.

Film still: Kung Fu Zohra

Film still: Becoming Male in the Middle Ages

Film still: Nazarbazi

Film still: Nosferasta: First Bite

Film still: Freaks Out