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Alisa Berger

Alisa Berger was born in 1987 in Makhachkala, Republic of Dagestan, and raised in Lviv, Ukraine. She studied film and fine arts at the Academy of Media Art Cologne (KHM) and the Universidad Nacional de Colombia Bogotá. With her diploma film and fiction feature debut The Astronauts' Bodies she was nominated for the Max Ophüls Prize and for the FIRST STEPS Award of the Deutschen Filmakademie, and was the recipient of the Best Film Award for New Directors at Int. Film Festival Uruguay and the Screenplay Award of H.W. Geißendörfer. In 2019 Alisa founded with fellow filmmakers Anna Kruglova and Yana Ugrekhelidze the international film production company FORTIS FEM FILM which dedicated its work to increasing the visibility of women and their stories in film. In 2019 FORTIS FEM FILM was supported by the start up grant of Mediengründerzentrum NRW (VGF-Scholarship) and the company's projects were funded by Filmstiftung NRW, Kuratorium Junger Deutscher Film and BKM.


FORTIS FEM FILM is an international film production company based in Cologne, Germany, with the goal of increasing the visibility of women and their stories in film.

We aim to find larger audiences for the films that interest us: courageous, bold, innovative films that use artistically advanced means to explore the themes that concern us as women in today's society - not only in Germany, but also internationally. We focus on short and long feature films, documentaries and animated films.

Projects in development 

Retreat by Alisa Berger (feature film)

Projects in production

The Alienated by Anja Kreis (Feature film)
Holodomor by Yana Ugrekhelidze (Animation short)

Released films

Instructions for Survival by Yana Ugrekhelidze, (Documentary feature)
The Patriot by Anja Kreis (Short film)

Alisa Berger