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A. A. Films is a new company formed  in 2020. The founder Ahmed Amer has been active in the film industry since 2010 mainly as a screenwriter. His credits include Winter of Discontent by Ibrahim El Batout and Ali, the Goat and Ibrahim by Sherif El Bendary and the upcoming Feather of a Father by Omar El Zohairy.Amer also worked on Shirin Neshat’s film Looking for Oum Kalthoum as a script consultant and associate producer. He has recently released his first feature as a writer/director/producer titled Kiss Me Not (SANAD) which premiered at Arabian Nights at DIFF and toured the festival circuit including Shanghai Film Festival and Miami Film Festival.

He has previously been invited to EAVE, Sundance Lab, Torino Film Lab and Berlinale Talent Campus. He has been a member of the  pre-selection committee for Torino Film Lab for two years and is also a jury member of the Sawiras Screenwriting Competition. 

Amer's films as a screenwriter has been funded by the Hubert Bals Fund, DFI, AFAC and CNC amongst many other organisations.


Current Projects

In development 
Hamlet From the Slums by Ahmed Fawzi-Saleh

Ahmed Amer

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