About the Pro Hub

IFFR's Pro Hub promotes the interests of filmmakers by connecting them with international buyers, film programmers and other key professionals.

IFFR provides a vital platform for making valuable connections that can stimulate the career of a filmmaker. At the festival the Pro Hub links the business side of the festival and the professionals attending the co-production market CineMart, with the filmmakers present with a film in the official line-up of IFFR. Centrally located in festival headquarters De Doelen, the Pro Hub is an efficient and comfortable  place to work and to have meetings.

As part of the activities at the Pro Hub, directors and producers are invited to take 30-minute one-to-one meetings with a mentor. These Industry insiders can provide important advice, guidance, coaching and inspiration to the filmmakers.

The Pro Hub also organises daily IFFR Pro Panels, where top Industry professionals will share their experiences and dispense important advice to up-and-coming filmmakers. These panels are a great forum for filmmakers to get their questions answered and for Industry pros to meet new talent.

IFFR's Pro Hub is the first point of contact for the IFFR Pro Screenings and the Video Library – it distributes all relevant film and contact data to distributors, sales agents and producers worldwide.

During the festival, Industry delegates are welcome to use the fully digitized Video Library to view festival titles. This is located on the 4th floor of festival centre de Doelen and can also be accessed by Wi-Fi throughout the entire building.

Attendance reports of the IFFR Pro Screenings and the Video Library will be made available to the films' rights holders within 24 hours of the screenings.

Wi-Fi access is available throughout de Doelen festival centre. On the 3rd floor, professionals can also use a limited amount of computers to check their email. Further work spaces are available in the Pro Hub and the Video Library on the 4th floor.

First Rights List

Sent out prior to the festival and available during the festival, the First Rights List contains details about all feature-length films not currently represented by an international sales agent.

Distributor Letter

The Distributor Letter lists the complete festival line-up of feature-length films (60 minutes or longer) both fiction and documentary. The list includes sales contacts, rights information and premiere status.

Film Contact lists

The Film Contact Lists hold the details on who can be contacted for rights and as print source. The Lists are divided by newly completed Feature FilmsShort Films and older, retrospective titles(produced before 2017) that were presented at  IFFR 2018.


The PRO Hub is represented by Nikolas Montaldi, Lara Gonzalez Lobo and the team of mentors. During the festival, we can be found on the 3rd floor of de Doelen.