Tiger Friends

Join the club! Only true fans of IFFR become Tiger Friends. A membership to this exclusive club gives you many benefits and privileges, plus first dibs to the advance ticket sales.

You can become a Tiger Friend for a mere €50 a year.

Not one yet? Here are all the benefits for Tiger Friends: 

  • You will receive a €3 discount on every regular ticket.
  • Discount on special film events like the Kick-off, sound//vision, Short Film Marathon and the Closing Night. Besides the possibility to join the exclusive Tiger Friends Preview Night in December, you get the chance to book two tickets to the official opening of IFFR.
  • Priority online ticket sales: you can start purchasing tickets to screenings online 24 hours before the regular online ticket sales; one discounted ticket per screening for yourself as a Tiger Friend and, should you wish so, an extra one for the regular/CJP/student price per screening. After registering, your membership will be validated immediately and you can start making your purchases right away.
  • Upon purchase, your tickets will automatically be loaded onto your Tiger Friends pass. A scanner will be used at the door to a film screening to read your pass. Printed tickets are no longer required.
  • A 10 percent discount on all festival products at the Festival Shop on location and in the online shop (year-round).
  • Invitations to special IFFR events or exclusive offers both during and outside the festival period (free or at a discount).
  • You support the festival as a whole.

Not enough?

Consider becoming a Tiger Friend Unlimited