Tiger Discount Pass

The Tiger Discount Pass was a personal card that offers you a reduced price on regular film screenings: for €18 a pass you receive a discount of €3 on every regular film screening of €11. We discontinued the Tiger Discount pass and integrated it into our revamped and simplified Tiger Memberships.

When you become a Tiger Member, you can purchase one ticket per screening at a discount plus any extra tickets for the regular, CJP or student prices, from the start of the online ticket sales each January.

Want to become a Tiger Member?

If you do would like to receive a discount on your film tickets, and other advantages as well, you might want to consider becoming a Tiger Member. Starting at €35 per year, you receive a discount of €3 on any regular film ticket, but also priority at the online ticket sales, a 10 percent discount on merchandise, invitations to special IFFR events or exclusive offers both during and outside the festival days, either with discount or for free. Read more on the Tiger Membership pages

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