About IFFR Pro Hub in 2019

The Pro Hub supports filmmakers in making the best of their time at IFFR, assisting them in developing new connections and finding allies in the film world.

The Pro Hub offers a platform that connects filmmakers to other film professionals at IFFR by offering a range of expert panels and debates, multiple networking opportunities and training sessions on how to communicate most effectively. 

Interests of filmmakers are also promoted by the Pro Hub by linking them to international buyers, distributors, producers and film programmers.

IFFR is a vital platform that can stimulate valuable connections to advance the career of a filmmaker. The Pro Hub helps to tie the professionals attending the Pro Days (CineMart and Reality Check) to the filmmakers with their film at IFFR.

Directors and their producers have the opportunity to arrange personal, 30-minute one-to-one meetings with a mentor. These insiders are open to discussing the concern of filmmakers, answering their questions and providing important guidance, strategies, and inspiration.

The Pro Hub offers two Pitching Sessions where filmmakers can present their completed films and projects in development to key professionals from funds, markets, production, sales, and festivals, who will give constructive feedback and could become potential collaborators. In preparation for the Pitching sessions, two exclusive, in-depth prep-sessions with an experienced coach are offered to filmmakers. Here you can learn how to synthesize ideas, summarizes complex projects and present these in an engaging and effective way. The pitches and the prep-sessions will be held in a supportive and safe environment.

The Pro Hub also organizes a selected number of Pro Panels, where top-notch professionals from diverse backgrounds will share their experiences, discuss current topics and dispense important advice. These panels are a great forum for filmmakers to get up to date information and get their questions answered.

The panels, mentor meetings, prep-sessions, and pitches are all offered free of charge to IFFR filmmakers and delegates. Registration for the one-to-one meetings and prep-sessions is required to reserve a place.

To producers and sales agents IFFR Pro offers a private screening facility, the Dark Room, where newly completed films can be shown to invited guests in a reserved and private setting within the festival hub. Films from the official IFFR selection cannot be presented in the Dark Room.

Pro Hub is also the first point of contact for the IFFR Pro Screenings and the Video Library – it distributes all relevant film and contact data to distributors, sales agents, and producers worldwide.

During the festival, professional delegates are welcome to use the Video Library which holds almost the entire IFFR selection of films. This will be located on the 4th floor of the festival centre de Doelen and can also be accessed online throughout the entire building.
Attendance reports of the IFFR Pro Screenings and the Video Library will be made available to the films' rights holders within 24 hours of the screenings.

Wi-Fi access is available throughout de Doelen festival centre. On the 3rd floor, professionals can also use a limited amount of computers to check. Further workspaces are available in the Pro Hub and the Video Library on the 4th floor.

First Rights List

Sent out prior to the festival and available during the festival, the First Rights List contains details about all feature-length films not currently represented by an international sales agent.

Download the First Rights List

Distributor Letter

The Distributor Letter lists the complete festival line-up of feature-length films (60 minutes or longer) both fiction and documentary. The list includes sales contacts, rights information and premiere status. This will be available at the start of IFFR.

Download the Distributor Letter

Film Contact lists

The Film Contact Lists hold the details on who can be contacted for rights and as print source. The Lists will be available around the start of IFFR.

IFFR Feature Film Contact List

IFFR Short Film Contact List


The Pro Hub is represented by the team, consisting of Nikolas Montaldi, Marius Hrdy and Eszter Knopp, and the mentors and coaches, Hayet Benkara, Pierre Menahem, Julien Razafindranaly, Marina Kozul, Bonnie Williams and Marjorie Bendeck. During the festival, the team can be found on the 3rd floor and the mentors on the 4th of de Doelen.