A Taste of IFFR 2020

We know it’s not always easy to make a choice from our extensive programme. Which is why we want to give you a helping hand with A Taste of IFFR: two beautiful, remarkable films and a lunch in the heart of the festival.

Perfect for newcomers – and of course for everyone with blind faith in IFFR. Also ideal if you don’t want to rush from one screening to another, but prefer to discuss what you’ve just experienced in the cinema at your leisure. Have a sit between the films and enjoy your sourdough sandwich with cheese and salad, and a homemade soup by Jordy’s Bakery. Strengthened with food, the movie session continues.

This festival taster is being offered over five days: from Monday 27 January through Friday 31 January. Choose your day for a guaranteed successful film experience.

  • A Taste of IFFR 2020

    Proef het Festival-dag ©Melle Meivogel

  • A Taste of IFFR 2020

    Proef het Festival-dag

  • A Taste of IFFR 2020

    Proef het Festival-dag ©Bas Czerwinski

Please note: we start the film programme a bit earlier on Monday and Friday (09:30 to 15:00 hours), specially for parents/caregivers, so that the kids can be picked up from school afterwards.


Monday 27 January
The Barefoot Emperor
09:30 Cinerama 1
The Orphanage
12:30 Willem Burgerzaal

Tuesday 28 January
Un Fils
10:00 Pathé 4
13:00 Cinerama 1

Wednesday 29 January
The Orphanage
10:00 Cinerama 1
13:00 Pathé 5

Thursday 30 January
Les misérables
10:00 Pathé 1
You Will Die at Twenty
13:00 Pathé 5

Friday 31 January
A Perfectly Normal Family
09:30 Pathé 5
12:30 Oude Luxor