IFFR 100

50 Future Posters

IFFR 100 presents not only the past, but also the future. The festival’s 50th anniversary will certainly not be the last time we mark an IFFR milestone. Art students from Rotterdam’s Willem de Kooning Academy speculate on the visual language of the next fifty festivals with their own poster designs. A jury of design professionals has selected five of these posters to be sold as IFFR merchandise.


  • Eveline van der Duim – year 2029
  • Lois Simon – year 2030
  • Nicole Traas – year 2034
  • Eline Schellekens – year 2044
  • Lotte Prins – year 2056


The posters are sold in our merchandise webshop

50 future posters

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IFFR 100

50 Posters from the Past

What was IFFR’s style at the turn of the millennium? And how has the IFFR tiger morphed through the years?

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The posters are sold in our merchandise webshop.

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