IFFR Volkskrantdag

Everything about the IFFR Volkskrantdag.

The IFFR Volkskrantdag takes place on the last day of the festival, on Sunday February 4, 2024.



Tickets for the IFFR Volkskrantdag 2024 can be purchased online via IFFR.com/specials from 13 December 2023 at 10 AM. 

So you can choose the route that suits you best! Watch with Route Centrum five different films at five different locations in the city centre of Rotterdam. There are three locations from which you can experience the IFFR Volkskrantdag whilst staying in the same screening room throughout the day; they are Pathé Schouwburgplein, LantarenVenster and the Grand Hall of de Doelen.

When you purchase a ticket you will receive your route number (this is on your e-ticket). On Saturday February 3, 2024, one day before the IFFR Volkskrantdag, you will receive an email from us and you can look up your route number via IFFR.com/vkroutes or find it in your account where both the route and the film program can be found.

All films are spoken in their original language. Most films have English subtitles, but some have Dutch subtitles.

After your purchase, tickets to the IFFR Volkskrantdag cannot be swapped or returned. If you would like to change routes, you can post in the IFFR Volkskrantdag message board, which will be activated in December. The board is meant as an exclusive service to IFFR Volkskrantdag visitors and is not moderated by the festival.

De Volkskrant is one of the main sponsors of the International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR) and thus supports the festival. The priority for subscribers to the ticket sales of the IFFR Volkskrantdag is part of this partnership and was valid for two weeks. After those two weeks, public ticket sales will start. Be the first to hear when events go on sale by signing up for the IFFR newsletter.

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