Waiting for a film to start, it has already begun – in our mind. This programme cultivates the viewer’s patience, both in the cinema and outside.

Wait and See is a programme about looking ahead, about imagining a future situation: a programme about cultivated curiosity and quiet impatience. 

Imagine a space, a room that one can enter at any time. Take a seat, and wait. It feels very much like a traditional waiting room, with chairs lined up against the wall, magazines on a low table, and a video monitor hanging opposite the chairs. And perhaps a plant or two. The visitor to this waiting room can only sit and wait (or read) until – at irregular intervals – a video work comes up on the screen. The contents of the programme are short films: all new works that leave the viewer puzzled and stimulate a discussion. A few times a day, the door leading to the consulting room opens, and a group of people is invited to attend a special session around one filmmaker, a more interactive session or a surprise event.

The same conceptual ideas will resonate in a parallel film programme that also thematises this productive notion of ‘waiting’. Besides a series of seven to ten feature films, there will also be three compilations. The feature films deal with such topics as personal experiments with one’s biorhythm, the patient waiting for a change in social climate, or the discovery of a different time regime. In the compilation programmes, the intervals between films will be accentuated in a special way.

Wait and See is a programme by Edwin Carels, in collaboration with Codarts Composers Ensemble, Piet Zwart Institute (The Lens-Based Media study path) and Studio de Doelen.

Films in ‘Wait and See’