New at IFFR: the VPRO Review: Morning/Afternoon/Evening in LantarenVenster. The VPRO Review Day is divided in three sections: morning, afternoon and evening. You get to see two out of six festival highlights, selected by IFFR programmers and the editors of VPRO Cinema. A guaranteed hit.

The VPRO Review: Morning/Afternoon/Evening takes place on Friday 31 January and consists of three time slots to choose from:

Morning: 10:00-14:00
Afternoon: 14:45-18:45
Evening: 19:30-23:30

The programme is a shortened version of the VPRO Preview Day and VPRO Review Day: two out of six films.

Do you want to see the full selection? Please visit the VPRO Preview Day on Thursday 23 January in Pathé Schouwburgplein or the VPRO Review Day on Friday 31 January in LantarenVenster.

Tickets for the VPRO Review: Morning/Afternoon/Evening are €20

The full VPRO programme can be found at



10:00 - 11:38
Maryam Touzani, 2019, Morocco, France, 98’

Reluctantly giving in to the urging of her eight-year-old daughter, widow Abla agrees to temporarily take in young, pregnant, unmarried Samia. Inside the walls of Abla's small apartment and adjoining bakery, a relationship develops between three very different women in this modest, poignant feature debut.

12:00 - 14:00

Shannon Murphy, 2019, Australia, 120’

Loving, tragic portrait of a terminally ill Australian teenager who falls in love with a no-good drugs dealer. A subtle, comic debut about love, pain and letting go, with a stunning performance from Eliza Scanlen in the lead role as a teenage girl who can all too briefly become a young woman.

14:45 - 16:10
Paradise Drifters
Mees Peijnenburg, 2020, Netherlands, 85’
Yousef has no family. Chloe's teen pimp got her pregnant. Lorenzo wants to make a quick buck smuggling drugs geld. The leads in this raw road movie, intensely portrayed by the young cast, are desperate for help and love. A film that deals out hard blows whilst steering them towards the liberating finale.

16:35 - 18:28
The Wild Goose Lake
Diao Yi'nan, 2019, China, France, 113’

This stylised neo-noir dismembers a straightforward plot about a gang leader and a prostitute on the run into its almost abstract separate components. The heart of modern-day China lies hidden in the chaos that ensues. Meanwhile, Diao Yi'nan serves up one bloody, neon-lit visual tour de force after another.

19:30 - 21:12

Les misérables
Ladj Ly, 2019, France, 102’

The day after the 2018 World Cup Final, won by France, tensions rise in Parisian banlieue Montfermeil. During cop Stéphane’s first day on the beat, some gypsies demand their stolen lion cub back and young Issa causes problems again. Impressive, explosive debut, partly inspired by the riots of 2005.

21:35 - 23:00
Fire Will Come
Oliver Laxe, 2019, Spain, France, Luxembourg, 85’

Convicted arsonist Amador returns to his remote village in the mountainous Spanish region of Galicia. His mother is glad he’s back, but the other villagers don’t trust him. A raging fire breaks out – but did he start it? Or are the property developers destroying this impoverished rural community?