Volkskrantdag 2020


IFFR 2020

Your regular date for the last Sunday of IFFR: de Volkskrantdag. A cross-section of the best of what IFFR has to offer. At this 49th edition, on Sunday 2 February, you can watch five festival favourites back-to-back, selected specially for this day by programmers of IFFR and film editors of de Volkskrant. Criss-cross Rotterdam from cinema to cinema, or choose to see all the films from the same screening room.

You will be informed of the films on your route by email on Saturday 1 February 2020, and you can also find them at IFFR.com/vkroutes. The Volkskrantdag programme paper is available free of charge at all festival locations on the day itself and can guide you through your route.

As a visitor to the Volkskrantdag you will follow a route allocated to you, visiting five screens throughout the day. Visitors of the Volkskrantdag Pathé Schouwburgplein, Nieuwe Luxor Theater or LantarenVenster will see the entire programme in the same cinema.

Please note that switching routes is not permitted and tickets to the Volkskrantdag cannot be returned once purchased. However, you can try to swap your tickets at the Volkskrantdag message board. You can access the message board here: https://go.iffr.com/vkdag-facebook.

Please note: only tickets purchased at the same time with the same personal account will be grouped together on the same route and follow the same programme. Additional orders from the same account will not be in the same route as previous orders. 

All films are spoken in their original language. Most films have English subtitles, however some only have Dutch subtitles.

Volkskrantdag Pathé Schouwburgplein, Nieuwe Luxor Theater or LantarenVenster
There are three locations from which you can experience the Volkskrantdag while staying in the same screening room throughout the day. They are Pathé Schouwburgplein, Nieuwe Luxor Theater and LantarenVenster. If you buy tickets for Volkskrantdag Pathé Schouwburgplein or LantarenVenster, you will be automatically allocated a screening room. It is not possible to choose a specific screening room within each venue, but you can see which screen has been allocated to you when buying your tickets (before you pay).

If you have any questions about the Volkskrantdag, see the Frequently Asked Questions about the Volkskrantdag. Is your question not there? Then contact [email protected] or visit the service desk.

Ticekts for the Volkskrantsdag 2020 are €47

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