Alongside the presentation of recent works by filmmakers and artists’ collectives, Synergetic also provides a space to focus on the next generation’s working methods. Many young people nowadays encounter filmmaking through the communities they belong to and not necessarily through institutional education.

In The Collective Space IFFR brings together young makers, from Rotterdam and international communities, to stimulate mutual inspiration, meetings and co-creation. They attend an invitation-only workshop programme that isn’t so much didactic as focused on exchange, connection and inspiration.

The programme involves collaboration with students from alternative film schools such as the Ghetto Film School (London, New York, Los Angeles), Hakuna Academy (The Hague, Brussels) and local and international mentors. The pilot project is a collaboration with the Netherlands Film Academy aimed at investigating how film schools can attract a greater diversity of students.

The programme also consists of talks & masterclasses by renowned international makers who can function as inspirations and role models. These events are open to the general public.

Thu 23 Jan,19:30, For the Record: Staging Realities | Fri 24 Jan, 13:00, Masterclass: Jenn Nkiru + 15:00, Masterclass: Terence Nance | Sun 26 Jan, 11:30, Talk: Blackness and Our Rituals Towards the Realities of Belonging  | Thu 30 Jan, 15:00, For the Record: Music Video as Collective Space + 15:00, For the Record: Charm La'Donna | Sat 1 Feb, 15:30, Talk: Asian Stereotyping in Western Media