Talk: The Tyger Burns

Young talent often attracts more attention than old talent. The programme The Tyger Burns turns the spotlights for once not on up-and-coming filmmakers, but on those who have been active since the Rotterdam film festival began, in 1972. However eclectic a bunch these directors may be, their older eye unmistakably adds value. Together, they reveal nothing less than mystic knowledge of the passing of time, the structure of memory and the operations of history – and of course cinema.

Talk: The Tyger Burns focuses on the female filmmakers presenting new work in this programme. What did it mean as a woman to make your debut in the 1960s or 1970s? What has changed for them in the intervening decades – in terms of the social, production and financial circumstances, but also in their own vision? A panel discussion featuring (subject to confirmation) Annette Apon, Cecilia Mangini, Raquel Chalfi, Mette Knudsen and Aparna Sen, moderated by Olaf Möller.

Sat 25 Jan, 13:00, Hilton Rotterdam, €6/€5