Harvey Weinstein didn't come from nowhere. This is what filmmaker Nina Menkes writes in her fascinating article ('The Visual Language of Oppression: Harvey Wasn't Working in a Vacuum', Filmmaker Magazine) about the American film producer who stands accused by dozens of actresses and former employees of sexual intimidation, sexual assault and rape. A behaviour supported and encouraged by a complete visual culture, which underpins both the actions of the perpetrators and the shame and silence of the victims.

Menkes will show exactly how this works during her Talk: Sex & Power in Visual Language. Using film clips from the work of the likes of Martin Scorsese, Spike Lee and Sofia Coppola, she will show what ideas about women have become unconsciously embedded in our heads by the language of film – through lighting, framing, camera angles and movement – and how these contribute to sexual intimidation and discrimination.

Tue 28 Jan, 15:00, Hilton Le Jardin, €6/€5