Off Screen is the stage for auteur films and artistic audio-visual productions from Rotterdam that are screened and discussed at WORM on a monthly basis. The makers are central and every documentary, short or feature film and experiment screened is discussed in detail. The artistic process, the inspirations, the struggles and the fun: everything involved in filmmaking is spoken about. Alongside film buffs, Off Screen also attracts film professionals. This makes the talk show the place to network, develop plans and exchange advice. Off Screen has created a special RTM edition specifically for IFFR, compiled and presented by Marieke van der Lippe and Christiaan van Schermbeek.

The programme features: Who Am I Becoming (2019, Natalia Papaeva), fever is a bliss (Ine Lamers), Melt (2020, Stacii Samidin), Guardian, Tales of Sentience (2019, Mirjam Somers), Here (2019, Robert-Jonathan Koeyers) and black tears (2020, Robert-Jonathan Koeyers).

Part of RTM, the Rotterdam selection.