It’s the big, eagerly anticipated moment: the official launch of IFFR 2020. Get the festival off to a flying start on Wednesday 22 January with the – always hotly debated – opening film, followed by a peerless dance party through the night. The perfect start to the twelve days and nights of festival ahead.

This year, our opening night again takes place in the Grote Zaal of Theater Rotterdam Schouwburg. This IFFR kick-off with our opening film is open to all. After the film, the audience move over to ‘de Doelen’ for the party.

Opening Film:
During World War I, heavy fighting also took place in East Africa, far from the European front. In 1917 a solitary, young Portuguese soldier travels hundreds of kilometres on foot through Mozambique, looking for his platoon. He almost succumbs to malaria and other deprivations. Intoxicating war film without war about a soldier without an army.

Please note: Opening Night: Film & Party starts at 21:15 hours, a little later than the official opening for invitees in ‘de Doelen’.

Regular ticket price €16, various discounts available