Masterclass: Screenwriting Rocks

In Rocks, director Sarah Gavron creates a lively portrait of a group of teenagers in East London. Fifteen-year-old Nigerian-British Shola, aka Rocks, is the focal point, but her story is embedded in those of her girlfriends, who are as diverse as contemporary London itself.

However, where these young women come from is not the driving force behind the film, but rather who they are. This is largely thanks to the exceptional way Rocks was made. Gavron recruited a predominantly female crew for the project, and writers Theresa Ikoko and Claire Wilson spent months working intensively in workshops with the young protagonists and other young women from East London to shape the screenplay. The result is a bleak yet hopeful story cut from the cloth of real life.

The starting point of the workshops was a story that Ikoko already started to develop, a scenario inspired by the life of her sister, a strong black woman. Ikoko: "What was supposed to be a love story to my sister, became a love story by hundred women to hundred women, and to hundred more. Hopefully it becomes this chain of love."

In this talk moderated by Jenny Mijnhijmer, director Sarah Gavron and associate director Anu Henriques talk about the exceptional, joint writing process of the film. In collaboration with the Dutch Screenwriters Guild. 

Please note: due to personal circumstances, Theresa Ikoko and Claire Wilson are not able to attend IFFR.

Sat 25 Jan, 15:00, Hilton Le Jardin, €9/€6