IFFR Young Selectors: Antigone

Sharine, Ilse, Xiang Yu and Boaz, the Young Selectors of IFFR 2020, present a full evening programme with a screening of Antigone and talks and performances with the promise of ruffling feathers. Prepare for a controversial and unforgettable evening!

This season we are coming at you with a new theme. The time has come for a radical reform of our ways of life. To dismantle old ideas, room must be made for the new: DISRUPT! What better way to do this than through film? A revolutionary medium that has been a tool for visualizing change since its inception. We invite you to think radically with us and to make room for new ideas.

This evening we focus on how young people and immigration can make room for innovation. Antigone by Sophie Deraspes is a contemporary adaptation of Sophocles’ Greek tragedy. It is a story about intense self-empowerment and dignity: it examines the obstacles to true justice, the price of being disruptive and, above all, the unconditional power of love. Antigone fights for what she believes in.

Antigone is a movie that is sure to leave an unforgettable impression and this is your only chance to see this groundbreaking artwork on the screen of Pathé 1!

20:00 Introduction
20:15 Antigone
22:00 Break
22:10 Q&A

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Fri 31 Jan, 20:00, Pathé 1, €12/€8