IFFR x VPRO: De kijk van Koolhoven


IFFR 2020

In the autumn of 2018, director Martin Koolhoven (Het schnitzelparadijs, Oorlogswinter, Brimstone) shared his biggest hobby with TV audiences with irrepressible energy and contagious enthusiasm. Famous and forgotten masterpieces of genre cinema were the focal point for the six-part series De kijk van Koolhoven, in which he dissected his favourite film scenes with a maker's eye and the charm of an entertainer.

As a foretaste of the long-awaited second season, which starts on 21 February 2020, Koolhoven will expound on his love of Italian genre films to the IFFR audience during this live presentation. He has already called spaghetti westerns, with which he kicked off the 2018 series, "the most beautiful genre there is" and in this talk he reveals his love of two other genres from Italian popular cinema: the bloody yet visually spectacular giallo and the grim poliziesco but also cannibal and war films.

Please note: entirely in Dutch.