Golden Calf winner Mees Peijnenburg (Geen koningen in ons bloed) makes his debut as a fiction feature director with the hard-hitting Paradise Drifters. He will be present for an extensive discussion in the cinema after the screening. His raw road movie about three young drifters teetering on the brink of the abyss certainly offers plenty of material for discussion.

The characters in Paradise Drifters are teenagers crying out for help, love or at the very least some attention. Yousef is allowed to leave the juvenile detention centre, but has no family to return to; Chloe is pregnant by her stepfather and is being sent to Spain; Lorenzo is trying to earn a fast buck smuggling drugs. Peijnenburg doesn't pull his punches in this drama – ways out for these young people are in very short supply.

Which is all the more reason to talk about it. In collaboration with centre of debate De Balie, the cast and crew of the film and Theo Hettema and Kim Hoekman of The Salvation Army will discuss with one another the importance of care for vulnerable young drifters.

Wed 29 Jan, 18:00, KINO 1, €12 (entirely in Dutch)