Due to current circumstances and the recent Covid-19 developments, IFFR KINO #32 is cancelled. We'll be back with a new season.

Belgian filmmaker Fabrice Du Welz was back at IFFR early this year with his lyrical road movie Adoration. On Wednesday 3 June, the last IFFR KINO of this season, we will screen his feature debut Calvaire (IFFR 2005), a black – let's say very black – horror comedy.

Travelling entertainer Marc Stevens struggles to keep the old ladies away in an old people's home in the French Ardennes. So, despite the bar bad weather in the dark days before Christmas, he takes a wrong turn somewhere. Every cinephile knows what that means: a confrontation with less desirable elements in society. The innkeeper who accommodates the unfortunate singer sees in him a replacement for his disappeared (?) wife and the villagers show their unhealthy interest when they get wind of 'her' return. The camera work is by Benoît Debie, who also shot Gaspar Noé's Irréversible and Innocence by Lucile Hadzihalilovic, which guarantees the right gritty seventies atmosphere (indeed, that of Deliverance, Straw Dogs or The Texas Chain Saw Massacre). So prepare yourself for psychological horror pur sang, with a wink.

Fabrice Du Welz, 2004, Belgium/France, 94', French spoken, English subtitled