Erasmus Tiger College: Little Joe


IFFR 2020

Yogi Hale Hendlin, teacher of theoretical philosophy at the Erasmus School of Philosophy, introduces the film Little Joe with a seminar on the philosophy of plants and bioethics. Little Joe, a dark thriller about houseplants that spread happiness, gives a commentary on the anti-depressants industry, genetically modified products and experimental biomedical innovations.

Dr. Yogi Hale Hendlin is assistant professor in theoretical philosophy at Erasmus School of Philosophy, a core faculty member of the Dynamics of Inclusive Prosperity Initiative and a Research Associate in the Environmental Health Initiative at University of California. His research focuses on major questions in the philosophy of biology and environmental philosophy in relation to public health issues.

About Little Joe:
Scientist Alice (Emily Beecham, winner of Best Actress at Cannes) develops new plants for a commercial bio company. She is very proud to have come up with a revolutionary innovation: an eye-catching red indoor plant that gives off a pollen that makes you happy. Breaking all the company rules, she takes home a prototype of the anti-depression plant. She names it after her teenage son: Little Joe.

Little Joe really does make people happier – but what are the side-effects? In this chilling thriller, the people exposed to the plant seem like cold-blooded zombies, who except for happiness feel no emotions at all. Austrian auteur Jessica Hausner uses an oppressive, almost clinical visual style to put across the anaesthetizing effects of this mysterious plant. Her first English-language film is a contemporary answer to Invasion of the Body Snatchers and a sinister reflection on the anti-depressants industry, genetically modified products and experimental bio-medical innovations.

Tickets for this Tiger College can be ordered from January 17th 2020 onwards via the website of IFFR.

Wed 29 Jan, 19:00, Cinerama 1, €12/€8