Dag van de Dwarse Film 2020


IFFR 2020

Some IFFR films polarise audiences like no other: you either love them or hate them. Where some see a work of a genius, others get lost in an impenetrable maze of experimentation. On Sunday 2 February, the last day of the festival, five of these impetuous, opinion-splitting titles will be screened in KINO Rotterdam and EYE in Amsterdam. Masterly cinema for the hard-core cinema-lover.

These wayward films are often either marked 'exceptionally good' or 'exceptionally bad' in the audience surveys – they leave little room for ambivalence, but always stimulate debate. These are the festival’s pieces of cinematographic bravado, the masterful experiments. The 'Dag van de Dwarse Film' salutes these innovative, daring, original and exceptional films.

Regular ticket price €26, no discounts available